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The second woman, the first Wraith, the mother of Caine and the most powerful and enigmatic figure in the Underworld, the Lady of Fate is the imperatrix of the Legion of Fate and an independent power unto herself.

The Lady chose Charon, naming him and charging him to guide the souls of the dead from the Underworld and into transcendence. Throughout Charon's reign, she served as an oracle and seer, providing him counsel (and occasionally confession). The Lady is close to a religious figure in the Underworld, her mandate gave Charon right to rule the western dead, and as a sign of respect gave her the Isle of Fate and the Legion that bears her name.

Following the Sixth Great Maelstrom, her fate is unknown, although she made elliptical comments about going to see what her son was doing.

Background Information Edit

  • Author Adam Tinworth has suggested that the Lady of Fate named Charon after a Halaku by the same name. This Fallen Charon created the Underworld. Names have power, and by invoking the name of the builder of the Shadowlands, it resonated with power, something that Wraith-Charon would have needed to get the fledgling Stygia off the ground.
  • It is strongly suggested in WTO: Ends of Empire Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip that the Lady of Fate is the mother of Caine; that is, she is Eve.
  • ...or if you see "mother" in a more metaphysical way, she also could be Lilith, who showed Caine the use of blood for fueling disciplines.

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