Lady Yul, the Mistress of Toxins, is the Maeljin of Wakshaa, the Elemental Wyrm of tainted Water, and controls the Duchy of Toxins in Malfeas.


Yul is the Maeljin of toxins of all forms, from addictive drugs to painfully lethal acids and poisons. She has masterful knowledge of genetics and biochemistry, so agents of the Wyrm often ask her to provide specially designed creatures for them. She alters creatures in precise and terrible ways, such as changing a creature’s lungs so that it breathes carbon monoxide rather than oxygen.

She bears within her eggs enough to hatch a litter of her latest creations. Other than Collum, her closest allies are Aliara and Thurifuge.


Yul's domain is a warm sea of multicolored toxins, inhabited by aquatic wyrmspawn that ranges from Banes to giant lampreys. Near the center of the duchy is an archipelago where Yul houses a great laboratory complex that contains her most vicious and unstable creations.

Conditions for destructionEdit

Legends say that an ancient herb known as Moly could purify Lady Yul, as it is an antidote to all toxins. Unfortunately, this herb now only grows deep within Pangaea. A few wise and ancient Mokolé or an exceedingly clever Nuwisha might be able to help searching Garou to locate the herb, but harvesting it is every bit as dangerous as any other visit to Pangaea. Finding the Moly is only half the problem — Lady Yul must ingest it in food or drink. One taste destroys her instantly.


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