• La Viuda Blanca
  • The White Widow



Harbingers of Skulls





La Viuda Blanca or the White Widow, is a Harbinger of Skulls that has taken up residence in Mexico City.


Little is known about her mortal life, other than she became fascinated by the mysteries of the universe following the death of her husband. When she was trapped in the Underworld (likely following the Feast of Folly), she witnessed the Tempest and Oblivion and understood that they represented Death in its most primal, undiluted form.

When the Sixth Great Maelstrom tore the lands of the dead apart, she was thrown through the Shroud into the lands of the living again. She emerged in a birthing ward, where she began to feast on the blood of the newborn babies. Afterwards, she wandered through the world in a half-delirious state, unaccustomed to the world of flesh after her long stay in the world of the dead.

By the time she arrived in Mexico City, she collapsed before a wall of carved skulls, hoping that they would grant her the return into the Shadowlands. Instead, a Tzimisce koldun by the name of Esteban found her and introduced her to the modern world. Believing that she had come to the living world to witness Gehenna, La Viuda Blanca dedicated herself to the Sabbat.

Currently, the Lazarene is among the most proficient occultists within the city, studying closely together with Esteban, with whom she shares a Vaulderie. Her research on the works of the lost Tremere antitribu has gathered the interest of several occult authorities within the sect, first among them Unre and several koldunists from the Old Country. In the face of all this sudden interest, La Viuda Blanca keeps clean from any political affairs, focusing solely on her studies and on the coming destruction of the world.