Kupala's Sacred Fire-Flower, also know as Kupala's heart, was a legendary blood-red bloom, and a key ingredient of the first ritual that made possible to the Tzimisce Koldun to break the Blood Bond with their elders, thus giving birth to the ritual known as Vaulderie - practised by the Sabbat to this night.


As legend goes, the demon Kupala created a legendary blood-red bloom known as the sacred fire-flower of Kupala. With it, sorcerers may bind or release demons. It was believed to be the very heart of the demon, buried deep in Transylvania and guarded by a cult dedicated to this abhorrent spirit, that offered sacrifices, slaying babes for their pure and innocent blood, which the demon consumed.

Fortified by terrible deeds, Kupala’s corruption spread even further, trailing lunacy in its wake. The quaking of the earth, the foul rains and lightnings that destroyed crops  and  homes,  great  windstorms  that  teared the fields and forests asunder, all of these spoke with the demon’s voice.

According to Tzimisce historians, Velya and Lugoj were the ones who found the sacred fire-flower on a forgotten and desecrated mountain monastery, where it grew through the cracks of the chapel floor and was guarded jealoulsly by the once monks who dwelt there. Many Tzimisce perished in the battle that ensued, but they were victorious and gathered to execute a ritual on Kupala's Eve, aiming to break the blood oaths hanging over the heads of the Tzimisce, using Lambach's potent blood as a catalyst.

However, skeptics among the clan argue that this "sacred bloom" was nothing but a ruse of the Tzimisce Antediluvian. These vampires believe that Lugoj was an unsuspecting lackey of the Eldest, and that he just managed to find the Flower because he was guided by the Antediluvian himself. It is said that the roots of the Fire-Flower sprouted from the deepest intestines of Yorak's domain, and that it was in fact a portion of the Eldest newest form - a precursor to the horror dwelling in the sewers of New York.

If this theory is correct, it means the Tzimisce and all of the Sabbat vampires were fooled by a master plan of the Ancient, who allowed Lugoj to take a piece of itself so he could shatter any former alliances shared by its progeny. It imparted its seeds into a new generation of Tzimisce, binding them to it alone (and the Fiends did a good job spreading his influence through the ritus known as Vaulderie, contaminating the entire Sabbat).


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