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The Kumo, also referred to as Goblin Spiders, are the Eastern pendant of the Ananasi. They are, however, regarded as traitors by their race, for they have chosen to ally with the Wyrm over their Queen.


Like their parent breed, the Kumo have no Rage and are unaffected by silver, instead using blood to fuel their powers. In addition to this, however, Kumo are vulnerable to weapons made out of hong mu, a rare and fragrant variety of red rosewood.


  • Homid: As their western counterpart.
  • Metis: In contrast to the Ananasi, the Kumo encourage interbreeding and raise them as epitomes of perfection. Metis Kumo eat their way out of their mother's belly.
  • Arachnos: As their western counterpart. Arachnos Kumo are more rare than in the West.


The Kumo are consolidated into three families dedicated to different Aspects of the Triatic Wyrm. The families watch their monopoly, eradicating any offshoots that would threaten their supremacy.

  • Blessed of Rati: Dedicated to the Beast-of-War, the Blessed are the most sensual of the three families, glorifying the passions and desires of the flesh. They prefer the taste of Yang-energies.
  • Children of Nareau: Dedicated to the Eater-of-Souls, the Children are curious and wise, but also capable of great cruelty. They care not for the taste of their victims.
  • Marawa's Brood: Dedicated to the Defiler Wyrm, the Brood revels in outright destruction and annihilation. They prefer the taste of Yin-energies.


The Kumo have access to the four regular forms of the Ananasi.


Outside the Way of Emerald Virtue and without Auspices, the Kumo are not really respected by the other Fera, who see them as traitors and dangerous enemies. Kumo learn Ragabash gifts and progress in Rank with a total of seven Renown in any combination of Glory, Honor and Wisdom.


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