A Kuei is a wraith from the Dark Kingdom of Jade that has not been buried with the proper rites and traditions of the area. They become, for want of a better term, walking Shadows. These wraiths are highly dangerous and wander the Shadowlands aimlessly, hunting for Pathos like a starving animal hunts for food. Kuei are not capable of intellegent thought, but can be emotionally manipulated by a wraith gifted in the Jade Arcanos Way of the Farmer.

Kuei have one Fetter, always their corpse. They are incapable of using higher Arcanoi, although they have some low abilities. They can also be destroyed by sunlight and the bodily fluids of the living, especially blood or saliva. A Kuei rarely lasts for more than a few years before traveling down to Oblivion.

Kuei are not Spectres, in that they lack control over their p'o. Nor should they be confused with the Kuei-jin.

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