Final Death:

probably 1993


Nosferatu antitribu






Knight Inquisitor

Krieg was a Nosferatu antitribu Knight Inquisitor of the Sabbat Inquisition. His fate is unknown, but he most likely perished at the hands of Pierre Bellemare, while trying to infiltrate the infernalists of Montreal.


Knight Inquisitor arrived in Montreal in the aftermath of Sangris' trial posing as a Sabbat nomad, in order to root out any remaining infernalists that dwelt within the city. He was joined in this endeavor by his fellow inquisitor Elisa Karini, who infiltrated the circus of the Tzimisce Zarnovich assuming the alias of "Sonya, Mistress of Illusions".

Pierre Bellemare uncovered Krieg's true identity in 1993. After 13 nights of torture, the Nosferatu antitribu surrendered the name of his partner. Pierre then lured Elisa to the ramshackle tenement building in Old Montreal that hid Metathiax's Blood Circle. She didn't perceive the threat until it was too late, and she was overwhelmed by a swarm of diseased rats. Not content to kill his victim, Pierre drew on the power of the Decani to rot Elisa's body and re-formed it. The demon's power also chained her soul and will, turning her into Cairo, the perfect slave.

Krieg's fate is unknown, but probably was destroyed by Bellemare (if he was lucky).


Montreal by Night, p. 105

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