A Krewe is a quasi-religious group of Bound who have gathered around a special view on death, the Underworld, ghosts and so on.


Krewes are organisations that have been around since people returned from the dead. Every Krewe has its own views on death and the exact nature of the many phenomena they are now able to witness. Of course, this has led to several clashes, especially the Sacrosants, known to hunt and destroy other krewes. Krewes can have only two but also hundreds of members and can provide a Bound with information and aid.

An important part of every krewe is its own distinct mythology and symbols that sets them apart from others and offer an explanation to the Bound of what exactly they are and what actually happened to them.

Every Krewe maintains an Ethos, which provides an ethical guideline the Bound has to follow.

Mythology and Ethos are called the Channel, for this two elements are what brings a Bound into a krewe.

Krewes are often influenced by real religions and add often several unique elements to the common history. The Five Horsemen are a good example for this.