Final Death:

983 (presumed)











Kosczecsyku was an ancient 5th generation koldun of the Tzimisce clan, sire to the famous Voivode, Vladimir Rustovich. He is described as an anachronic old man of small stature, with white hair and a moustache.


Kosczecsyku held considerable power over his territory earing the title of Voivode among his clan. He was also very interested in Blood magic and underwent several lengths to obtain knowledge of the various schools of sorcery among the undead. This Cainite was allegedly slain by the Shadow Lords in 983.

After the Final Death of Kosczecsyku, his childe, Vladimir Rustovich, eliminated his brothers in Blood to become his successor. Only Mischa and Csiskos have escaped this purge (but only until they crossed his path one more time).

Rites of the BloodEdit

Kosczecsyku is depicted in the introduction story of Rites of the Blood from the Onyx Path; in that tale he extracts information of a Telyavelic Tremere of the Sabbat seeking to harvest his thaumaturgical knowledge. The Sabbat, however, was formed way after Kosczecsyku's alleged destruction as depicted in the Werewolf supplement Rage: Warriors of the Apocalypse.

It is implied that Kosczecsyku feigned his own death by the hands of the Lupines and tricked his eldest childer to leave him alone. Along with his apprentice and favored childe, Vrisa, the Voivode dedicated himself to the art of fleshcrafting books of thaumaturgical knowledge.

The books are formed out of a single, contiguous whole. A single — still sentient — creature. Trapped within its pages. The bones of the captured Blood Sorcerer are discarded, and the remnants of his body become the raw materials for the book. The Blood Magicians' mind is a part of the whole, capable of answering questions by text whenever the reader asked.

Kosczecsyku possesses a collection that includes a tome on Hermetic Mathematics, a tome on Sielanic Thaumaturgy, another on Setite Sorcery, a Necromantic tome, a Dur-An-Ki tome, an Abyss Mysticism book (probably carved out of one of the childer of Monçada) and, finally, a book on infernalism.

Even in modern times, he is the proud owner of a Vozhd.


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