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The Resolute Knights of St. George, also referred to as Caballeros de Posadas, Varghese or the Church of the Union, are an anglican order sworn to fight the supernatural. Founded in Syria in the 11th century, the Knights have spread across the British Empire, maintaining outposts in places as far as India and Australia. While the Knights usually take far more credit than it is their due, their successes and influence can not be denied and makes them valuable allies to the Inquisition.

The Knights of St. George have always been a forward-looking order, inducting women in the 19th century, and opening their doors to non-Christians in the early 20th. There are alchemists, sorcerous numinist, and mortal researchers. A splinter group, the Society of St. George, is even believed to be able to wield powerful magic. Recent political developments, however, have brought them into conflict with the Ikhwan al-Safa.


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