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The Knights of Avalon were a British order of knights who was compounded mainly by Gangrel that rejected the savage ways of their Scandinavian and pagan brethren and instead aspired to follow the tenets of chivalry and medieval honor. They were obliged to Mithras and the Baronies of Avalon. Their headquarters lay in Cornwall.

The Knights of Avalon conquered the Beast within via a particular combination of christian Faith and strong will, seeing the associated Beast Marks of their Clan as signs of failure and shame. They were tasked by Mithras with the slaying of the various enemies that threatened the vampires in his domain, be they Wights, Lupines, witch-hunters or of even more elusive nature. The patron saint of the Knights of Avalon was St. Austreberthe, who had tamed the wolf and set it to bearing burdens to replace the donkey it had killed.

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