Card depicting Klaital Stargazer.

Among the legends of the Garou, the tale of Klaital Stargazer is one of the most tragic. During the days of the Impergium, he was a sage from the East who came with visions of harmony and words wisdom to educate his fellow Garou, preaching that slaying the humans would only bring them into the fold of the Weaver and make things worse. He was mocked and scorned and he saw that the Wyrm had deeply entrenched itself into their hearts. Despairing , he succumbed to Harano and was never be heard again. Those who have followed his teachings renamed themselves Stargazers and followed his way of self-balance.

Another, more darker tale, tells that Klaital succumbed to a terrible Frenzy during one of his speeches when the meeting was attacked by humans who used tools given to them by the Weaver. Shamed, he left Garou society and wandered to the mountains of the East, determined to harness his Rage and use it for the good of Gaia.

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