A Kinain is a mortal that possesses faerie blood, but is not a full Changeling.


Some Kinain are marked with unusual traits by their Faerie Blood that depend on their heritage (a descendant of a satyr is hairy and social, while a descendant of a Boggan is short and usually works with his hands). Many also have strange abilities also known as Fae Gifts, some of which can be controlled and others that are wild and unpredictable. Some go through life completely unaware of their fae natures, and others are taken by the Kithain into motleys and freeholds through enchantment, making them a valuable part of the Changeling community. Their fae-like nature makes them also competent sources of Glamour, something that some Changelings exploit by ravaging them.

Kinain are usually born of a Changeling and a mortal or two Changelings. About 15-20% of those with one Changeling parent are Changelings themselves, while about 40-50% of the children of two Changeling parents are Changelings as well. The rest are Kinain. It is also possible for Faerie Blood to skip a generation or two so that parents who are fully mortal (but still faerie kin) can have a Kinain or (more rarely) Changeling child. From changelings, Kinain differ in so far that they lack a mien and only possess a mortal half (although they too, possess a Seelie and an Unseelie Legacy). One advantage of this is that Kinain are immune to the pains of Cold Iron or Bedlam, but instead always carry the danger of becoming Dream-struck.



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