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Birth Name: Khytam Manat al-Uzza al-Lat
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Occupation: Project Proteus Operative
Default Association: Project Proteus (loosely)

Kytam Manat al-Uzza al-Lat is a devout Muslim woman who wears clothing that covers everything except her enchanting cat-like eyes.


Khytam erupted when she was sixteen. Rather then cause unrest within her family she went to stay with Project Utopia. She stayed with the Project for a few years, but even though she was very good at following orders she was too introverted for Team Tomorrow. Eventually, she wanted to leave the Project. She was secretly offered a job within the Islamic world with Project Proteus.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Character SheetEdit

Storyteller InformationEdit

Khytam is acting as a "nurse assistant" to Zaid Alwan in Marrakesh during "Quantum Communion". [1]


  1. Aberrant: Aberrant Storytellers Screen, p. 59-66


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