Khwaja al-Akbar was a magical entity that inspired the founding of the Ahl-i-Batin.


When a group of Akashic warriors encountered the ecstatic Darwushim on the Night of Fana, the two groups of mages began a ritual dance together. The Khwaja al-Akbar was the fusion of two men, one from each magical group involved in the ritual. Suffused with power, the Khwaja al-Akbar spoke and affected the world around itself. For a few moments, all of space became one and Unity was achieved among all the men and women present at this event. Space broke down and became one in a moment of ecstatic union that has never been repeated since. During the event, the Kamil, freed once more, manifested itself in everyone present. Then, the Khwaja al-Akbar disappeared and the men who composed it returned to their former selves. Yet they, like everyone else present, were changed forever. Their original affiliations meant nothing compared to the greater Unity they had experienced. The Ahl-i-Batin were born.


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