The Khavi (or Khazi), are a revenant line that was bred by Byelobog, and served only him.


They didn't move among mortals, save when they were low on food or breeding stock, for they shared a curse that made them extremely pale and contingent to sunlight, as their skin burns away in direct sunlight. The Khavi were a secretive line, existing only to advance Byelobog's goals.

Exactly how Byelobog bred them is unknown, but the Khavi were a strange family, even by revenant standards. Khavi revenants emulated their master's pallor; most were albinos, and their skin peeled away in flakes. The most ancient Khavi, those who advised the White God directly, often appeared as though they are rotting or suffering from plague.

During the 16th century, the line was exterminated by the Teutonic Knights, and after Beyelobog's death in the Anarch Revolt, they became a footnote in the Tzimisce's history.

Version DifferencesEdit

Classic White Wolf bibliography named these revenants as the Khavi. Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, however, mentioned them as "Khazi" instead. But in yet another turn of events, Vampire: the Dark Ages 20th Anniversary Edition called them 'Khavi' once again.

The weakness of these revenants also suffered reforms in it's V20 counterpart. Previously, the Khavi’s skin constantly flaked and peeled, particularly in direct sunlight. Khavi exposed to direct sunlight developed painful rashes and suffered -1 to Dice Pools until the rash was healed (healing normally would take [6 - Stamina] days, during which the Khavi should avoid direct sunlight). Now their weakness is the one presented below.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Family Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Vicissitude.

Weakness: The Khavi are particularly vulnerable to sunlight. They take damage from sunlight as if they were Cainite, but the damage is bashing, not aggravated. They can soak this damage with their Stamina and Fortitude.


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