The Khabar was a code of honor among the Warrior Caste of the Assamites in addition to the Laws of Haqim that, according to themselves, united them in the nights under the Blood Curse. Elder Assamites depicted the Khabar as a castle with seven towers - if one tower would fall, the whole castle would crumble.

With the breaking of the curse and the following Schism that effectivly ended Assamite unity, as well as the frenzies of Diablerie most Warriors suffered due to their long abstinence of Cainite vitae, the Khabar is essentially defunct in the Final Nights, although Loyalist members still live after its tenets.


  • Asabiyya (Loyalty) - Loyalty to Alamut and the Eldest
  • Ikhwan (Brotherhood) - Mutual assistance under clanmembers
  • Muruwa (Honor) - Value of personal honor (such as never breaking one's word)
  • Hadd (Vengeance) - The vow of vengeance for the ignominy at Tyre, as well as retribution for the ignoble Final Death of a Clanmember
  • Taqqiya (Secrecy) - The vow to protect the location of Alamut and its secrets, as well as an absolution for those Assamites that were forced to do dishonorable acts while posing as other Kindred
  • Mumin (Faith) - Faith in the words of Haqim and the coming of the Path of Blood
  • Umma (Community) - Respect for the other Castes, as well as a reminder for the individual to serve Alamut humbly, without reference to one's own vendettas and desires.

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