Keshinas are seba that have been bound to one of the Deceived in a manner similar to the Talismans of the Arisen.


During the process of creating a Keshina, the mummy binds the seba to his own Name, incorporating it into his very being. To affix it to them, the mummy needs occult at at least 4 and locate and bind the seba as usual. Afterwards, he has to sacrifice a permanent point of Willpower to bind it into his own being. If the Willpower is bought back, the mummy loses the keshina, which reverts into a regular seba.

The Keshina grants the benefits it would have as a seba, but without a curse. The Keshina cannot be forcefully separated from the mummy, not even by the Temakh. Once a Descent, the Deceived can call upon the Keshina bound to him to refill his Sekhem supplies, which is visible as a golden light that wells up through his veins and shimmers from her pores, pouring from her mouth and eyes with dazzling splendor. Mortals experience Terror Sybaris after witnessing such a display of supernatural power.

Finally, Keshinas offer a link to the two forces that guide a Deceived. A seba generated from art allows the Deceived to see his Temakh when he meditates to refill his pillars, catching glimpses of what his master desires from him. If the seba is cosmic, the Deceived instead receives cryptic visions of Fate's designs. Because of this, cosmic Keshinas are useful guidposts for reaching the Ascent.