Keeper of the faith

Keeper of the Faith










Alexus Simocatta

The Keeper of the Faith was the guardian of the Library of the Forgotten in Constantinople, during the Dark Ages.


Very little is known about her past except that she has always been associated with the library. In her duties she was accompanied by two childer, known only as 'the watchers'. She knows the location of Dracon and keeps him informed on events happening in Constantinople.

She left with Baron Feroux during the looting of the Fourth Crusade in 1204, when the library, along with the haven of Gesu, (the St. John Studius Monastery), was burned by Gauthier de Dampiere. She protected the books in her travels across Europe.

This small figure shuffles around in a shapeless black robe, its head bowed and obscured by the deep folds of its cowl. No feature is visible that could possibly give away its gender, but it somehow appears to be feminine by the nature of its movements.

Character SheetEdit

Keeper of the Faith
Sire: The Dracon
Demeanor: Caretaker
Generation: 5th
Apparent Age: Indeterminate

References Edit

Constantinople by Night, p. 110-111

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