Name: Katsinam Suukya
Nicknames: Caretakers
Path: Thyrsus
Order: any
Arcana: Spirit

The Katsinam Suukya are a Legacy that deals with spirit guides called Katsina in order to gap the rift between old and modern ways. To this end, they communicate with their spirit guide and synchronize themselves with him.


In the late 19th century, a Hopi théarch by the name of Ahota ("Restless One") set out with the intention of reviving the traditions of his people among Sleepers and Awakened, alike. The first few years of his work, however, proved deeply disheartening, as Ahota ran into one stumbling block after the next. To gain a new perspective on his mission, the Shaman embarked on a long journey into Shadow, seeking the advice of the spirits. What he discovered was more and far different than he had hoped, transforming both his mission and his soul. When Ahota returned, he soon gathered five apprentices to himself, only two of whom were of Hopi descent, to pass on what he had learned of the katsinam, the life-bringers; spirit guides who educate the young in the important truths of life. The Katsinam Suukya exists now to bridge a gap between old ways and the pressures of the modern world, admonishing its adherents to return to ancient forms of spirituality for answers to difficult questions.

Ahota's vision, recounted to his first students, told of a time when their ways would be needed to avert some terrible calamity, or to guide many to a better future. The Legacy is led by a council of elders. The longer one has served the Katsinam Suukya, the more esteem she holds among its membership. Achievements and personal renown often factor into the pecking order amongst the leading elders of the Legacy, but length of service (and the experience that accompanies it) serves as the Katsinam Suukya's measuring stick when it comes to leadership. A number of those drawn to the Katsinam Suukya feel that its teachings address an emptiness within their lives, so perhaps its practices truly can illuminate a safe road through dark times to come.

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