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Name: Kathleen Ryan
Gender: Female
Born:  ?

Kathleen is sometimes credited as "Kathy Ryan." She has, on numerous occasions, been referred to as "Marauder Girl."

She is the author of the Amanda storyline, featured on the preface of almost any Mage book since the first edition core manual, and author of the whole Marauders part of the original The Book of Madness.

Phil Brucato says about her that: "Of all the figures in Mage: The Ascension’s pantheon, Kathleen Ryan deserves the brightest praise. " ( )

Kathleen's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:

Additional Concepts & Visual Contributor Edit

Additional Design Edit

Additional Material Edit


Border Design Edit

Cover Design Edit

Design ContributorEdit


Graphic DesignEdit

Interior Artist Edit

Layout and TypesettingEdit


Prelude Edit

Production AssistantEdit

Special Thanks Edit

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