Karmenita Yoryari






Iago Castille

Karmenita Yoryari was a Ravnos of Sybarite stock who became the founder of the Yoryari jati.


Originally from Italy, Karmenita became quickly disillusioned with the decadent behavior of her fellow Sybarites. According to herself, her own sire was the founder of the jati, one of the main reasons she resents the movement as a whole.

She relocated to Portugal with a coven of followers, in order to explore the spiritual side of the bastardized version of the Path of Paradox her sire had taught her. Without knowledge of the original doctrines, Karmenita developed the notion that there could only a limited number of things, concepts etc. exist contemporary in the world. In order for something new to grow, other things had to be reduced.

Karmenita and her followers developed several complicated mathematical theories and geometrics to illustrate and understand the exact nature of this entropic principle, researching the exact nature of stability and change. She was also a fervent enemy of the mindless criminality and other fits of self-gratification so common among her Clan, sparking discontent against her among her former brethren within the Sybarites.