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Karen Suadela








Primogen / Prince

Karen Suadela was a Brujah primogen of Houston, Texas. During the events of the novel Gehenna: The Final Night, she became Prince of that city after the disappearance of Lucas Halton.


Karen looks like a severe businesswoman, probably in her forties. Her dark hair is kept tied back, and she wore well-pressed pants suit of deepest blue. For decades, Suadela had been a guiding force in Houston’s primogen. She might even have had the clout to challenge Prince Lucas Halton for the princedom, but she’d always been content to remain a lesser target.

That all changed when Prince Halton disappeared along with the rest of the Tremere in the city during the events of the novel Gehenna: The Final Night. Suadela, decided that the opportunity was simply too good to pass up — and, also concerned that any other prince might not be as easy to work around as Halton had been, wasted no time at all in stepping forward to claim the domain, while none of the other primogen had sufficient means to stop her.

In her opinion, it was just as well Halton had vanished when he did. Suadela didn’t think he’d have had the strength of will to do what needed to be done anyway. She and her people staked a number of kindred that were spreading "lies" of the coming of Gehenna and the rise of the Antediluvians. Through them, she discovered that diablerie would momentarily prevent the effects of the Withering that had befallen over the vampires of the entire world.

She gained the favor of the Camarilla when her ghouls rescued the archon Federico DiPadua from certain death at the hands of a Sabbat pack - after the latter was struck by the Withering himself. Her sheriff was a guy called Reno.