Pillar: Ka
Nicknames: The Bull-Headed, Judge's Oxen, Millstones
Judges: An-Hotep, Fentu, Hetch-Abhu, Maa-Natuuf, Neha-Hatu, Set-Qesu, Ta-Retinhu, Uamenti, Usekh-Nemtet

The Bull-Headed are mummies who have arisen with their Ka as their defining pillar.


During the Rite of Return, the Millstones declared one thing, one task or virtue, that defined them and which is the core of their very existence. Followers of this decree set a polestar and navigate their lives by it, patiently, without complaint, and they do so forever. Some call them “Millstones” because they grind away at their problems, a speck at a time, until nothing remains but dust. They see themselves as sculptors. The world is their stone, to shape into a reflection of the Judges’ will. Their loyalty can be passionate, at times, and can give them great contentment.

Often, the greatest happiness is to work hard for something in which you believe. Yet that same relentless pursuit can look like obsession when it’s unflinching and implacable. This dedication makes them reliable and stalwart, if you’re on the same side. If you’re not, their preoccupation with notions of the greater good makes them intransigent obstacles, at best. At their worst, they leverage their reputation for honesty and devotion to deceive and betray with disciplined imagination and destructive thoroughness. After all, to a Millstone, the ends usually justify the means. The Bull-Headed tend to ignore much of modern culture and politics as distracting. Notions of democracy and universal human rights seem revolutionary, to those who lack discernment.

In practice, these freedoms are sedating illusions that most people will never test. Millstones tend to put principle first. Responsibilities to other Arisen or common sense or ethical decency are considered later, if at all. Millstones often consider themselves the smartest or most capable, when in fact they’re simply so prominent that others just won’t directly contradict them.


Millstones tend to invest heavily in cults. The most conservative rely on a religious foundation, of course, but many cults have evolved into elaborate enterprises over generations.

Restoring PillarsEdit

The Bull-Headed thrive on the accuracy of their insights, so they can regain a single Pillar in any scene where they meaningfully clarify a misunderstanding. Seeing through an unimportant social faux pas isn’t sufficient, but correcting a real miscarriage of justice is ideal. More important is creating a lasting monument or to having one recognized. When this happens, the Millstone gets his Ka completely restored to its maximum.

Mummy: The Curse Decrees

Ab · Ba · Ka · Ren · Sheut


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