The original city of the dead, Kâsdejâ was a secret layer of reality constructed by the Slayers deep in the bowels of the world. After the rebellion against Heaven, the Slayers were barred from the realm of death and had no knowledge of what the angels were doing with the souls of deceased mortals. Thus, they created a beautiful fortress filled with the manifest memories of dead plants and animals where mortal souls would be kept safe during the war. It served as the secret headquarters of the Alabaster Legion for a time, but eventually was discovered by the Host. After a difficult battle expelling the angels, Azrael and Charon decided that another deeper realm had to be created if the mortal souls were to be truly safe, leading to the creation of Haven. Kâsdejâ continued to serve as the home of Azrael and the Alabaster Legion, and was later conquered by Lucifer during the Long March. This violation of their sanctuary prompted many Slayers to abandon the rebellion for the seclusion of Haven.

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