Justus Giovanni was among the first members of the Giovanni, back in the times when they were a mere bloodline of the Cappadocians.

A intelligent and eager boy, Justus was sendt to Salerno to study medicine and nigrimancy, because he lacked skill with money and trading goods. Despite being a very good and determined student, he couldn't master even the basic ways of the Black Arts. In despair, he was sent north to Lübeck as an emissary to the emerging Hanseatic League. Justus soon realized the power and influence that the Hansa Cities were likely to wield in years to come and advised his family to pursue closer ties. When his guesses turned right, he was given the Embrace as a reward and was made the envoy of the family among the Hanseatic League, as well as the ambassador to the local Cainites. It was after this that Justsu began to master Necromancy.

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