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Julius Sutphen


Dr. Julius










Catherine Esposito




Bishop of Atlanta

Dr. Julius Sutphen is the current Bishop of Atlanta, a position he did not gain through his power, but through his viciousness.


We are an army. Not a fan club, not a sporting league,not a philosophy. An army. You stand on the brink of destruction at the hands of the Antediluvians' pawns. You speak of independence, but wish for yourself only the independence of annihilation. I will make you survive and triumph, regardless of what you think you want now. Submit to me and win.
  — Julius Sutphen

In his mortal days, Julius Sutphen was among the first colored doctors in Utah, a position that costed him many potential patients. One night, he was approached by a group of strangers who insisted that he should treat their shot companion. After he extracted the bullet, he was taken with them and was Embraced by the Pack's Priest. He later diablerized her and took her position for himself.

Later, he parted ways with his pack to aid the Mexican Sabbat in his struggle, where he gained a reputation of particular cruelty. Serving in various pack positions, he was eventually put in charge with the invasion of Atlanta. After the city was won and former prince Benison Hodge expelled, he was rewarded with the title of Bishop in 1999. Now, he keeps the various packs within Atlanta in check, plotting more trouble for the Camarilla in other cities across the USA.

Character SheetEdit

Dr. Julius Sutphen, Bishop of Atlanta[1]

Sire: Catherine Esposito
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Monster
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1872
Apparent Age: Late 30′s



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