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Name: Julii
Plural: Julii
Pronunciation: JOO-lee-eye
Nicknames: The Founders
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience

The nobles among the Kindred of Rome, and founders of the Camarilla, the Julii claim descent from Remus.

They could possibly be the ancestors of the Ventrue, or they may simply be a now vanished clan who filled the same niche in Kindred society. The Gangrel clanbook implies that the Ventrue and Gangrel are descended from a common ancestor, possibly the Julii (although the Gangrel would have to have split from their forebears sooner, as they were present in Rome during the days of the Camarilla).

Like the Ventrue, the Julii are masters of Dominate, the Kindred Discipline of mental subjugation.

History Edit

The Julii were wiped out by the Striges, the very same entities that gave Remus his immortality. Julius, Remus' successor, reneged on the agreement Remus made with the Striges. The last of the Julii was stuck down around the time of Rome's fall. Their weakness is reflected in the fact that it is harder for them to control their beast, due to the origin of their vampiracy.

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References Edit

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