Josians are infernalist-hunting Archons, they are also dedicated to uprooting Gehenna cults while also secretly investigating discovered Noddist lore for any evidence that Gehenna may be a real danger.


The Josians are a similar rank as the Alastors, and the two groups confer on multiple occasions. It is possible, however unlikely, that a Josian might also be named an Alastor — simply because infernalists and Noddists do appear on the Red List from time to time.

Most often, however, the Josians do not become an Alastor unless they take down one of the Anathema and win the Trophy. So far, while the Josians have assisted throughout the years, they haven’t been received the Mark of the Trophy and generally don’t have plans to.

The Josians, in general, tend to regard Alastors as their peers. That’s not to say that sentiment is always returned, or that some Josians aren’t jealous of the acclaim that Alastors get — especially since hunting infernalists tends to be a thankless job. Regardless, the Josians won’t dare to air their true feelings for fear they’ll anger the wrong Kindred.

With rumors swirling around the current names on the Red List, however, the Josians are keen on collaborating more with the Alastors to hunt Dylan Bruce, Valerius Maior, Francisca Santos dos Rodrigues and Noddists like Ayisha Jocastian. Secretly, they wish the Alastors will allow them to lead those initiatives given how many years they’ve spent studying and hunting infernalists independently of them.

Too, Josian Archons feel that taking down Dylan Bruce, in particular, and unraveling the methods he used to subvert the Mark of the Trophy would elevate their status within the Camarilla — a political maneuver most Josians agree might get them enough attention to be afforded some of the same benefits Alastors enjoy. Why shouldn’t they, too, receive a Trophy or be given boons for the thankless work they do?

To that end, though the Josians wish to be acknowledged they often don’t have time to worry about politics. The Josian Archons have their hands full dealing with profane vampires who operate independently of those on the Red List. And, thanks to infernalist Anathema, the number of profane vampires are on the rise.