Joseph Portrait
Art by Heather Kreiter

Joseph Pander


Caitiff; Pander





Joseph Pander is a clanless vampire and a Priscus of the Sabbat. He is the famous founder of the Panders - an organized group of Caitiff within the sect.


His fanatical passion for equality lead him to do what no other Caitiff has done before or since-ushering a rebellion and claiming Clan status. In the 1950's, during the Third Sabbat Civil War, Pander declared himself and his followers a sovereign clan named after himself. After lenghty and controversial debates and even more bloodshed, his cause was accepted as valid and the sect leaders acknowledged the new clan.

Joseph devised a ritual based on Native American initiation and manhood rites. It is known as One of my tribe, and severs all metaphysical connections to Sire and lineage in order to one truly “become” a Pander. After a vampire undergoes the ritual, she is renamed, and any powers that work through the ties of lineage can no longer target them (Malkavians are even expelled from the Madness Network).[1]

His figure is somewhat legendary among the Clanless. Pander was awarded with the title of Priscus and fights still today for the rights of the Unbound, although rumors of his assassination have been heard of late.



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