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Jorge De La Muerte is a 7th generation Samedi who was Embraced in 1732. Jorge hates the Sabbat.  He is on a mission of revenge, for all the dead spirits that cry out to him.  He has infiltrated the Sabbat in Mexico City and has joined the Black Hand.  He acts as a spy for Baron Samedi and is learning all he can about the sect.

Jorge is a Remover for the Black Hand and a master of torture, so Jorge is as feared as any Kindred in Mexico City, but he doesn’t let that information leak unless it’s necessary.

Jorge is a shriveled stick of a man.  His skin peals and flakes away constantly and his eyes are sunken deep into the back of his head.  He usually wears sandals, black pants and a doctor’s lab coat.  He is never seen without his doctor’s bag full of autopsy equipment.


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