The Jocastians or Jocastatians (after Jocasta) are a small and obscure sect (and possibly a Malkavian bloodline) who originated within the Sabbat as a Noddist cult, but who have since become independent.


While most Jocastians are Malkavians, there are also some Brujah and other learned Kindred within their ranks. They are dedicated to unraveling the true history of the Cainites and are rivals to the Mnemosyne. Although some scholars regard them as a bloodline due to the practice that a master let himself be diablerized by a student in order to preserve the knowledge he has gathered, they are not any different from their parent clan.

The Jocastians gained some degree of notoriety in the 1990s when one of their number, Ayisha Jocastian, published Aristotle de Laurent's compilation of the Book of Nod en masse. Not long afterwards, she found herself on the Camarilla's Red List for that flippant threat to the Masquerade. Ayisha is known to have diablerized her sire Sennacherib; she claims that he had likewise diablerized his own sire Ismene, and so on. The rest of the Jocastians have understandably distanced themselves from Ayisha and her reckless agenda, effectively rendering her Autarkis.


  • The "Jocastatians" were introduced in brief under that name in the Book of Nod, in the form of the book's clandestine publisher, Ayisha Jocastatian.
  • The Encyclopaedia Vampirica (which was meta-fictionally edited by Aristotle de Laurent, a Mnemosyne) suggested that the Jocastatians are an otherwise obscure Malkavian bloodline, while the book Chaining the Beast instead presented them as a sect of sorts.
  • Dread Names, Red List renamed them to the more linguistically appropriate "Jocastians", and suggested that the source of the rivalry between the Jocastians and Mnemosynes is, ironically enough, predicated on a disagreement over whether either group is in fact a Malkavian bloodline rather than a sect.