Count Jocalo




Follower of Set






Clan Setite

Count Jocalo was a Follower of Set heavily involved in the various attempts of Ambrogino Giovanni to gain the Sargon Fragment, and a rival of the Children of Isaac.


Originally a Spanish nobleman, Jocalo had become one of the most lethal agents of the Setites. Among the vampires of Europe, Jocalo's name was used to scare neonates and his methods involved terror, misdirection, and seduction.

In 1666, Jocalo was sent to London as a part of an agreement between Ambrogino Giovanni and the Snake Clan. His task was to aid Ambrogino to gain the Sargon Fragment from the rogue Tremere Andre Malotte, while diverging any Camarilla attention away from the deed. To this end, he found it necessary to kill the Tremere Archon Lester Vance in Calais and supplied a coterie of neonates called the foundlings with akhu amulets to use them as pawns. He later hoped to gain a copy of the Fragment for the use of his Clan by forcing the scholar to swallow an enchanted scarab amulet. To distract the Camarilla, he fueled Masquerade-threatening incidents throughout the city, while his agents tried to spirit Malotte away. After the Great Fire, however, he was nowhere to be found, but his involvement resulted in a ban from Mithras for the Followers of Set within his city.

After the incident, few things were heard about him, mainly his involvement in the assassination of a high-ranking vampire in Madrid. His name continued to be feared within the Old World, even among vampires like Ambrogino, with whom he had a falling out in the following centuries, even aiding the Children of Isaac in their search for Lazarus tomb in 1882. He entertained messengers to various cults and temples of his Clan and seemed to harbor some affection for the Bahari.