The Jin Hai, or Golden Children were the sons and daughters of the Wan Xian. They served their parents as lieutenants and governors, and were revered throughout the early Middle Kingdom as heroes in their own right.

When the Wan Xian fell to corruption, the Jin Hai attempted to turn their parents back on the path of righteousness. Initially, they were rebuffed; the Jin Hai responded with a massive protestation, assembling at Meru to air the grievances of the world. Their parents responded with a slaughter so profound that the August Personage In Jade cursed them, turning them into Kuei-Jin.

Since that time, the souls of the Golden Children have been reborn constantly as dhampirs. This is understood, and frightens the Kuei-jin, who consequently view their descendants as a reminder of their past crimes.

The Golden Children of Exalted bear strong similarities to the Jin Hai: in addition to the shared sobriquet, they were also the children of divine heroes (the Solar Exalted) who were cruelly murdered at the turning of the age.

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