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Jesús Alcalá








Gangrel antitribu




Hartmann Strauss



Jesús Alcalá is a Gangrel antitribu that is renowned for his vampirocorridos, which exalt the lifestyle of the Sabbat. He performs in Mexico City with his ghoul band, the Los Lobos de canto.


In his breathing days, Jesús was one of the narcocorridos of the drug lords that operated in Mexico. Unfortunatly for him, his talent came to the attention of a spiteful Toreador antitribu, who decided to ruin his life. He used his Disciplines to sendt the musician into a spiral of despair, rage and violence, which culmilated into the murder of Jesús' wife by his own hands, wanting to embrace him directly afterwards. But a Gangrel antitribu, who had heard the musician before in a bar was faster and brought him into the fold of the undead. Enraged, the Toredor destroyed his rival, but had to leave Mexico before he could also destroy Jesús. In the following years, Jesús made himself a name by performing vampirocorridos, songs about Lupine hunts, ritae, Sabbat raids and battles against the Camarilla. He became quite popular, his songs could raise the renown of a vampire or destroy every last form of reputation he possessed.

Despite accepting his unlife and his pack, Jesús is still worried about his children and tries to find them with his mafia contacts. He hopes to find them a new home under the protection of an influential drug dealer.

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