Jeremije Scre, although he calls himself Jeremy Certs when with others, is a Toreador who has exactly 52 alternate identities in different nationalities, complete with driver's license, each correspondending to a playing card within a deck. He speaks every of the languages of his identities fluently and is charming and eloquent in every of them. His existence is a mysterium for many Kindred, some even going so far and claiming him to be a Malkavian or infected with Dementation, others thinking that this is a sophisticated game he has played since his unlife began. Rumors also tell that he originated within the Old West, working poker and blackjack games. He spends his nights gambling, either with dices or with cards, and is rumored to have not lost a game since his Embrace.

He travels continuesly around the world, always appearing in a casino and beginning to play. His personality is determined by the card he draws when he rises each night.

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