Although the editors and developers at Black Dog Game Factory dimly recall speaking with him in a group interview, not one can recall what Warlock: The Pretension developer Jeff Henning looks like. His office sits forlorn and empty day after day.

Despite this, an email periodically surfaces on the company mailing list claiming Henning was "in until five last night," and Warlock books still manage to arrive in the hands of Production. All Henning's paychecks appear to be getting cashed in a timely manner.

Henning preys on live-action gamers, increasing his social status by dint of his employment at Black Dog. His paramours end up missing for two weeks, after which they have no memory of having met him or what happened during their absence. No one knows what Henning does with them, but it's likely something vulgar.

Background Information Edit

Henning was a parody of Mage: The Ascension developer Jess Heinig. The "Henning" appellation may be a nod to Doug Henning, noted magician. Whatever Henning is, he appears to have high levels of Arcane.

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