Jean Entende



Jean Entende was an early member of Clan Tremere stationed at the Chantry of Perugia.


In his mortal days, Jean had been a priest with a rather plodding nature, who found that the spiritual duties were far too taxing for him. When the First Crusade begun, Jean abandoned his vows and joined the crusaders for the Holy Land. Afterwards, he became a mercenary who was hired by Esoara for the protection of Ceoris against the Tzimisce.

The Tremere came to admire Jean's valor even when outnumbered and recommended him to Etrius, who eventually allowed him to be Embraced. However, Jean had to leave Ceoris when the mortal mage Tosia, a pious woman who suspected diabolism in the chantry, discovered that he had been a priest once and had broken his vow. He was transferred to Perugia, where he tried to keep himself out of the struggle between Etrius and Goratrix.


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