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Father Jean-Marc d’Harfleur was a Toreador who were involved in the foundation of the Camarilla, and one of the first of it's Original Archons (by that time he was spontaneously Blood bounded to his cousin Gilbert d'Harfleur).


In many ways the heart of the Archon group, Jean-Marc once served as a papal legate. A womanizer and lover of music and fine things, the handsome young priest (second son of an important French noble) sought his own advancement rather than his service to Christ and his flock. With his black hair and startling blue-green eyes, Jean-Marc seemed certain to advance far in the ranks of the Church.

While traveling in Eastern Europe, Jean-Marc attracted the attention of a sadistic Toreador. Torturing the young priest, whose music was one of his greatest joys, the Toreador slashed and broke Jean-Marc’s hands so that he could not play, then forced him to try playing through the agony. When his sire Embraced him, Jean-Marc gained a new understanding of himself and those in need of his counsel and comfort. Through the very act of becoming a monster, Jean-Marc discovered his true calling, and soon thereafter found True Faith. With the help of his cousin, who had also fallen prey to a Cainite, Jean-Marc escaped his sire.

A peacemaker at heart, Jean-Marc was often a voice of reason and a proponent of cooperation among Kindred. Both he and his cousin Gilbert strongly felt it their duty to act as protectors of humankind.


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