Jean-Batiste de Montrond


1190 AD







Jean-Batiste de Montrond is a 9th generation Follower of Set who was a resident of Paris during the Dark Ages.


Jean-Batiste drunkenly joined the Third Crusade, and rather than let his son go back on his word, his father pressured Jean-Batiste to carry out his duty. Rather than lose his inheritance, he joined the Count de Champagne on his journey to the Holy Land. While delayed in Messina in Sicily, he found himself indulging in all manner of depravity and heresies under the rationale that the Pope had promised all sins would be forgiven to Crusaders. After only a few weeks, he abandoned his duty to the Cross and gave in to the Cult of Set.

de Montrond was Embraced to protect the Temple of Set in Messina from Assamite assassins hired by the local Cainites to eliminate his brood. He escaped back to Paris, embracing and ghouling others along the way to found a new Temple of Set in the City of Love. He is more interested in his own desires and ambitions, however, than serving Set by the strictest Egyptian traditions. By 1230 AD, he had yet to have his faith tested by a true adherent of Set.

Residing in the Latin Quarter of Paris, he shared his domain with the socialite and physician, Veronique d'Orleans, a Brujah with whom he developed a close friendship despite their philosophical differences.

Character SheetEdit

Jean-Batiste de Montrond, Serpent of Paris
Sire: Makareta-sherit
Generation: 9th
Embrace: 1190
Apparent Age: Mid 20′s
Morality: Road of Sin


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