Rage card depicting Jason O' Kelly as a Ragabash Black Spiral Dancer. This is not considered canon, however, as it is not supported by the tabletop material.

Jason O'Kelly, pierced loudmouth, was developer for Revenant: The Ravishing for Black Dog Game Factory.

O'Kelly spent much of his time drunk and high, and made a grand show of hating everything, while truly hating himself. This wasn't his fault, as his actions as developer brought him to the attention of a Sabbat vampire known only as Niña. O'Kelly let his body waste away, desperately hoping to convince Niña to turn him into a vampire. Niña, for her part, merely used O'Kelly to spread information about enemy vampires via his books, and then spread copies to the Inquisition.[1]

O'Kelly was known for his habit of speaking directly to Black Dog fans, being fairly prominent in the fan community. And by "speaking," we mean "angrily ranting." He often lurked on in order to let off some steam.[2]

He met his end after being trapped in the Black Dog offices for 22 days, outlasting all his fellows except Evan Stump, who turned O'Kelly into "Developer Bisque." O'Kelly, however, got his revenge from behind the grave, as one of his piercings punctured Stump's esophagus, leading to his death three days later.[3]

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Background Information Edit

Jason O'Kelly is based on Justin Achilli, developer for Vampire: The Masquerade. While not quite as redcap-ish as his Black Dog counterpart, Justin is known for his temper and his facial piercings. Justin, having written the Black Dog chapter of WTA: Subsidiaries: A Guide to Pentex Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, was the creator O'Kelly and the rest of the goateed counterparts of his coworkers.

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