Jason Hein is a former convict that now holds the distinction of becoming a Flatliner. He is one of the Flatliners that followed the charismatic Uriah Bishop after they escaped Marion Federal Penitentiary and Project Flatline, and now serves as one of his lieutenants in the Missionary Works of the Holy Ghost.

In life, Hein was a gifted con artist who pulled many large stunts successfully, and even talked his judges out of convictions. One judge was immune to his charms and sentenced him to a maximum-security prison, where Hein's cellmate attempted to rape him. Hein killed the man and was tried and sentenced to death, putting him on death row and into the hands of Project Flatline.

Hein's current purpose is to lead the Temple of the Mother of Vision, formerly a small, Wicca-based group that used pigment to explore the world of the dead. Hein heard about them through the press, and shortly thereafter appeared before their leader, Elizabeth Gibbons, as an angel named Nacrael. By leaving messages in her head and pigment in her purse, Hein has almost full control over both her and the cult. Hein's group probably uses more pigment than any of the other fronts for the Missionary Works, as pigment is a religious experience and is frequently encouraged among members.