Janni is an Assamite warrior and a rising star among the younger generation of Assamites.


Janni was born as one of the first children of the new Jewish homeland. Her father’s stories of the Shoah impressed her to make her own vow of “never again,” and she became involved in patriotic youth groups as soon as she was old enough. Her fervor and natural intelligence brought her to the attention of the nascent Israeli intelligence services, and Shit Bet recruited her during her first year of college. Her later accomplishments brought her to the attention of another force as well, and a Persian warrior elder Embraced her in 1970. Abandoned by her sire when she refused to adopt the Path of Blood, Janni quickly associated herself with such notables as warrior Amaris bat Ariela and sorcerer Gerhardt von Eich. She quickly proved to have natural aptitude for weapons of all types, from slings to guided antitank missiles, earning the coveted warrior caste title “Master of Weapons” within five years of her Embrace. Her utter refusal to back down from her beliefs (even after being beaten into torpor several times) and her innate proficiency with the tools of warfare earned her the respect of the newer generation of warriors, and the personal regard of several hundred Assamites provides considerable political leverage.

Oddly enough for one of her rock-solid faith, Janni has not declared schismatic allegiance in the wake of ur-Shulgi’s appearance. She remains loyal to Alamut, though she continues to pursue her own agendas across the Middle East, forsaking the pursuit of Camarilla blood over the destruction of Setites and the occasional Lasombra. For its part, ur-Shulgi seems oddly tolerant of this ascendant neonate and has not yet summoned her to Alamut to profess her allegiance to Haqim above all others. He even seems to consider her as the new Caliph.

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