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Janey Pickman




Gangrel antitribu





Janey Pickman is a Gangrel antitribu of the 8th generation.


Janey sought out vampires ever since she heard stories about them from her grandmother. She looked long and hard for one.  When she finally found a Gangrel, she pleaded with him to let her come along on his travels. He decided to give her a chance if she could survive the battles soon to come.

Janey proved she was tough as nails in battle and was Embraced soon afterwards.  She has been devoted to her bestial undead lifestyle ever since.  When her sire died in combat, Janey moved on, joining the Boot Hill gang.  She has never regretted the decision.

Janey is anything but soft.  Her red hair and freckles might mislead you to think she’s delicate, but years of hard labor on the farm gave her corded muscles and a lean frame.  Despite being undead, she still has her sun tan left over from her mortal days.  She usually wears women’s clothing, but has altered her dresses to allow her easy access to her six shooters.



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