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Final Death:

Early 2000s








Children of Haqim


Former Eldest of Alamut

Jamal was a 4th generation Assamite, childe of Haqim. Former Caliph and Eldest of the Alamut until the 2000's.


Throughout the Holy Wars which were fought over the Holy Land, the name of the hashashiyyin was a name of dread. Of all the hashashiyyin, no name was greater or more terrible than that of Jamal.

A devout Muslim since his breathing days, Jamal rose to prominence during the 12th century, becoming the Caliph of Alamut. During the Anarch Revolt, he was sent by the Eldest to destroy Dracula, but returned to Alamut a century later bearing the scars of a vicious battle. He spoke to no one save the Du'at and the Eldest of his defeat, and none of those parties ever made the details public.

Five years later, after the signature of the Treaty of Tyre, Sha'hiri committed ritual suicide to expiate his shame, and passed the seat in the Black Throne of Haqim to Jamal in 1497. He was a cunning and effective Eldest, though his open practice of the Muslim faith troubled many Path of Blood adherents who could not reconcile the tenets of a mortal religion with those of their own codes.

His faith proved to be his undoing, when ur-Shulgi arose. The current Eldest was the first Child of Haqim to whom the Shepherd appeared. Jamal refused to recant his faith in favor of utter devotion to Haqim. Ur-Shulgi staked him, displaying Jamal's corpse over the Black Throne for a month before draining his blood into a clay vessel and scattering his ashes across the sands of Petra.

The intended message of absolute obedience did not come across as well as ur-Shulgi had anticipated, for Jamal became a holy martyr to his Islamic fellows and many Assamites use his name as a rallying cry in the Schism of the clan.


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