Located in the heart of a perpetual maelstrom in the Tempest, the Jade Palace is the center of Imperial government in the Yellow Springs. A colossal structure comprised of various forms of Jade and containing at least 251 full palaces within it, the Jade Palace is the heart of the government and the sanctum of Yu Huang, who only leaves it for the most empire-threatening of reasons.

Since the Jade Palace is primarily Yu Huang's home (Yu Huang being a psychotic megalomaniac of the first order) as well as the headquarters of Yellow Springs government, it is home to a variety of sights for the enterprising tourist. These include zoos comprised of wraiths moliated into animals, an aborted garden project involving souls moliated into plants (the sight of the place has caused several harrowings), Eunuch Central, a plasmic supercomputer comprised of several hundred Eunuchs, and a fountain comprised of moliated poets.

In fact, much of the palace itself is made out of moliated wraiths who retain their consciousness; while the Emperor has long believed these wraiths under his control, the truth is they loathe him, and have plotted against him for over three hundred years. Only now, however, does Yu Huang suspect something is wrong.

The Emperor, in case it hasn't been specifically mentioned yet, is fond of Moliate; he has plans to create a luxurious wilderness as soon as he can acquire the ten billion souls he estimates he will need.

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