Jacob Morningkill is a Silver Fang and the former king of House Wyrmfoe. He was succeeded by his grandson Jonas Albrecht. His father was Isaiah Morningkill.


Jacob became king of House Wyrmfoe shortly after World War II, and was initially a just and vigorous ruler. Many hoped that he might restore the Silver Fangs's lost spirit and direction. During the early part of his reign, House Wyrmfoe proved adept at getting his Kinfolk into several nascent United States and Canadian intelligence organizations - contributing in keeping the Veil intact.

Unfortunately, King Morningkill's sanity faded along his youth. He and much of his house fell into indolent shambles until a Black Spiral pack killed him in a sneak attack on his North Country caern, leaving his throne empty.

Jacob, who had banished Jonas from his protectorate, used his final breath to decree his return. A decree that would spring a bitter rivalry between his grandson and the other contendent to the throne - the russian pure breed named Arkady.


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