Jack of the Crows is a messianic figure of the hobgoblin religion of the temple of Wineberry Cross.


The hobs that live around Wineberry Cross claim that the figure in on the cross is a representation of their “savior”, a fellow named Jack of the Crows. Story goes that Jack is “thrice-blooded,” somehow a mix of hob, human and Keeper, making him close to a changeling (but perhaps something more). They say that he was attended to by a motley all his own, a group of very special changelings (such as John the Water-bearer and Matthew the Collector), but was betrayed by his close friend, Judah the Chariot. The hobs have all manner of stories about Jack of the Crows: his father was the first Keeper; he’ll unite all the four Courts into one; he comes from the secretive (and perhaps nonexistent) Court of Dusk; he can bring fallen hobgoblins back to life, and so on and so forth. The hobs mostly worship him alone, but some gather in congregations, offering him loudly-shouted prayer and babbling at him in garbage tongues.

Offering a bit of worship to Jack of the Crows (always something sacrificed: a drop of blood, a mashed up goblin fruit, an oddment cast to flame as a burnt offering) grants a changeling one point of returned Glamour.


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