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Jérar was the leader of the local Setite temple of Montreal before he was exposed and destroyed by the Sabbat under Sangris' leadership.


A servant of Ghede, Jérar was sent to Canada in 1948 to establish Setite presence. Jérar managed to construct his temple right in Sabbat territory, without anyone the wiser. During the 1960s, a massive wave of Haitian immigrants brought members of Ezuli's cult with it and Jérar quietly informed the Sabbat of them, who dealt with the arriving Serpents.

Afterwards, however, the Sabbat was much more alerted to Setite presence and in 1972, the Toreador antitribu Yitzak discovered the blood-cult of Jérars own childe, Moise. The following conflict between the Setites and the Sabbat worked for the Setite's favour, at first, because Jérar had invested much in municipal power and used his influence to tear down Sabbat havens during the day for new constructions. Only the arrival of Sangris, a Serpent of the Light with knowledge of the favoured tactics of his clan, turned the tide to the Sabbat's favour. By 1974, Jérars cult was all but eliminated and he himself was destroyed in a thaumaturgical duel with Sangris in his temple in Montreal North.

During the conflict, the old Archbishop of Montreal, Véronique La Cruelle, had vanished and Sangris ascended to the position. The threat of the Serpents was defeated, but among the Sabbat, rumors circulated that Jérars cult survived and worships him now as a martyred god.


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