The Ivory Tower is a Methodology of the New World Order which oversees education and administration.

Overview Edit

To put it bluntly, the Ivory Tower runs the Technocratic Union. Specializing in bureaucracy and education, hordes of sympathizers, teachers, academics, computer programers, psychologists, bureaucrats, administrators, indoctrinators, and others, make it one of the most diverse Methodologies and make the cogs of the Union go 'round. At the highest levels they act as mediators between Conventions, organize Symposiums, and answer to the Inner Circle. On the front lines, sympathizers in universities and other educational systems, many completely unaware of who they work for, lead (or herd) the Masses to accepting 'right thought' and indoctrination.

History Edit

As with the rest of the Convention, The Ivory Tower's history ostensibly only goes back to the formation of the Technocratic Union under Queen Victoria. The distant descendants of the Cabal of Pure Thought and the Ksirafai were already in the universities, however, and in the reorganization, they stayed there, only changing their purpose in minor ways. As new ways of controlling and disseminating information have arisen, the Methodology has grown with them and incorporated their methods into the system.

Organization Edit

There are many official titles in the Ivory Tower, (Supervisors, Administrators, Coordinators, and Professors) but only two ranks really exist - mentor and apprentice. Therefore all the members are more or less equivalent in power and authority, at least among the mentors. The Methodology prefers very short chains of command. Equal ranks help promote an academic atmosphere. In the rare event that the authority of two or more Mentor-rank agents overlap, democracy prevails. In emergency situations, the Technocrat with the greatest seniority is in charge.

The Ivory Tower is divided into five branches of influence: Recruitment, Education, Computer Security, Psychology, and Bureaucracy.

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment happens mostly in Academia. Universities are full of sympathizers: disaffected youth, gifted students, Enlightened drop-outs, and Orphaned mages are all likely candidates.

Education Edit

Ivory Tower

Education also happens mainly in Academia. As any Methodology member will tell you, education is about transfer of ideas and "colonization" of minds. They indoctrinate Technocrats from all Conventions and in universities they use every tool at their disposal to process students, from sleep-teaching to subliminal broadcasting to virtual reality systems. This group is divided into several collegia which are havens of free debate over the philosophies of the Union.

  • Collegium of History:Well known for its subversive elements, this collegium is the most intellectually diverse group within the Technocracy. Peer review in The Union Historical Review is also known for laxity. The journal has been known to publish everything ranging from serious, careful scholarship to barely supported conspiracy theories. This laxity is accepted (barely) because the Union as a whole benefits from having a wide variety of propaganda tools to use.
  • Collegium of Literature: One of the least respected groups in the Technocracy, the Collegium of Literature has still managed to develop some surprisingly useful techniques. The Journal of Advanced Literary Theory covers everything from criticism to craft analysis, and often contains useful tips on structure of written works for propaganda, as well as artistic, purposes.
  • Collegium of Philosophy: All of Science is based on a philosophy of rationalism and empiricism. Technocratic Philosophy, a quarterly journal, publishes essays updating the Union's philosophical underpinnings using contemporary language and discourse. They also denounce subjectivist ethics and support the Union's utilitarian and merit-based ideology.
  • Collegium of Politics: It's name isn't entirely correct. They also study political economy, and often work closely with those members of the Syndicate interested in abstract economics. Almost as academically diverse as the Collegium of History, they act something like a microcosm of the Ivory Tower, with publication in Political Analysis Quarterly a key in jockeying for position in the Methodology.
  • Collegium of Psychology: Far more conservative than the Collegium of History, this collegium more closely resembles a traditional scientific research group. While they gather for regular discussions, they also do laboratory work. Most of the NWO's Enlightened psychological techniques come from their workshops. Their publication, The Journal of Enlightened Psychology, is widely regarded for its rigorous standards of methodology.
  • Collegium of Sociology: Studying the behaviors of people in groups, this collegium provides important techniques for the Union's macropsycological engineering projects. They also have the best understanding of the Traditions' group dynamics, making the Journal of Enlightened Sociology a must-read for any Technocrat in the field.
  • There are a number of smaller Collegia besides the big six, but they focus on more esoteric and narrow subjects that need specific academic specialization. Examples include the Collegium of Mythology, the Collegium of Technopsychology (studying the mental processes of artificial intelligence), the Collegium of Archeology, and the Collegium of Anthropology.

Computer Security Edit

Computer Security has become more important since the founding of the Methodology. Access to information is critical and the NWO handles all of it for the Union. That information must be protected from hackers and VA attacks. Happily, many of the best security specialists are former Adepts who have been subjected to Social Conversion. Working closely with Void Engineer Cybernauts, Ivory Tower Servants tend to do better in Sleeper systems while the Cybernauts tackle the Digital Web.

Psychology Edit

Psychology is the NWO's primary purview in the battle against Reality Deviants, even if they are not the only Convention to make great strides in the science. With a treasure trove of information at their disposal, they can process profiles of sleepers, mages and RDs alike. Specialists in Social Conditioning and Mindscaping, using special Devices as well as mental techniques, these Reality Programers often aid Analysts of the Operative Methodology.

Bureaucracy and Administration Edit

Bureaucracy and Administration is actually the largest group within the Ivory Tower. Many members of other Conventions say these are tasks they don't want to oversee anyway, but handling these administrative duties keeps the NWO as the leaders of the Union. Information is power and these Agents have all the information.

Sphere Focus Edit

Servants of the Ivory Tower tend to specialize in Mind, though those who specialize in computer security would focus on Correspondence.

Convention Edit

You could say that the Ivory Tower shows the best and worst of the Convention. On one hand they spread knowledge and argue for free-thought. It's freedom of speech among all members, regardless of rank, is not normal in their Union allies. On the other hand, they are about control and that freedom is not guaranteed, and definitely not to their enemies or rivals. Some Technocrats would like the ideals of the Tower to spread throughout the Union as a whole, making it a more "kind and flexible" institution, but the pessimists say the two sides cannot be separated from each other.

References Edit

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